Saturday, December 5, 2009

Demi talks about Camp Rock 2

"I do not know. You have to watch to know."

"Demi Lovato told MTV on the red carpet at the American Music Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles."

Haveram many romantic scenes between my character and the Jonas Brothers."

"It's more intensified, there is dancing. We had about 25 dancers in the first film, and are now about 60. It is more musical."

"It was very fun to Camp Rock 2. I had one of the best memories there. It was like an explosion ... It was incredible to be back with the cast of the first, and met new people. We were so excited to return to work and make new friends. I loved it!"

Well, Demi and we look forward to see the result! For more information about CR 2 Stay tuned here on the site!

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